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DIC Committee, Advocacy Committee and others committee formed in the office.
Capacity Building:

Capacity building trainings are required on regular basis to ensure quality intervention and also exposure visit to gain knowledge and upgrade the skills and also on the following issues-

  • Induction training on carryout Targeted Intervention
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Training on Care and Support and Opportunistic infections
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Communication/IPC
  • Micro planning and income generations programs


Self Help Groups:

The organization will mobilized Community members in to form as Self Help Groups. The SHGs will be linked to various vocation programs as per the interest of the groups.

Crisis Management:

A separated team of key community members will be formed to address the crisis in the community; the team work round the clock and successfully handled and resolved the crisis in the community (Community mobilization to address issues of stigma, violence and exploitation).


Project and Activities

Outreach and BCC

The main objective of the community outreach is to identify the community members and educate them about safe sex behaviors and educate them how the HIV/AIDS occur and what are the precautions for the same. The Community outreach will be conducted through involving peer educators and outreach workers from Hijra and TG community. The outreach will focus on the main residential areas and few selected dera for door to door outreach. These community members will influence on behaviors change among their peers and consequently determining a course of action to resolve the problem

STI/Clinic Service Management

The main objective of the STI management is to provide the Hijra/TG with low cost, community friendly good quality treatment of STI. The provision of the STI services to target group will be provided at each intervention site. The preferred providers of Hijra/TG will also be identified and will be involved in the program. The regular medical checkup will also be promoted among the community

Condom Promotion

As the condom cannot be openly promoted among the community. The suitable strategy will be worked out in consultation with the community. The effective BCC activities will be designed to promote condom. The ORWs/ PEs will also distribute Condom free and through social marketing. The main aim of the program is to ensure availability accessibility and correct and consistent usage of condoms by the target group. The goal of the program is to increase correct and consistence use of condoms by the Hijra/TG.

Networking & Linkages

The key objective of the referral networks will be to ensure the Hijra/TG and their sexual partners who have access to their existing medical and social support and legal services because Hijra/TG life is complex and affected multiple adverse social and health consequences. The Hijra/TG and their sexual partner may require many things like primary health care shelter, Drug abuse treatment HIV counseling employment opportunities treatment of Hepatitis B and C and ART. It is important link to the various agencies to offer help and provided coordination services to Hijra/TG. Hijra/TG are also highly vulnerable to HIV Infection as well as TB because of poor living condition. ORWs/ PEs will refer them to ICTCs, Dots Center for screening

Enabling Environment

The project will advocate for the human rights of Hijra and TGs. The advocacy program will be conducted with law enforcement and gaining their support for improving the quality of their life and to avoid police targeting Hijra/TG or the staff working with them. Kinnar Bharti will consult the local Leaders and other health services in the areas for advocacy further awareness will be created to reduce stigma associated with Hijra /TGs.

Community Mobilization

Kinnar Bharti society will consult with the community members for a new ideas/program to address the Stigma and Discrimination faced by the community at site. On every Saturday the project staff and community members will meet at DIC Community will be empowered to address their own issues in site; the project staff will interact with the community members. Further the organization will plan to mainstream the role of HIJRA community in HIV Prevention and also to the collectiveness and the strength of the community.

Enabling Environment

DIC Committee, Advocacy Committee and others committee formed in the office.

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