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Kinnar Bharati (CBO)

About Kinnar Bharati (CBO)

Kinnar Bharti has been registered as an organization under Trust Act in Delhi to enhance the overall well being of the Hijra and TG community to promote their rights. The organization has been working in the entire National Capital Region among Hijra and TG community and undertaken various awareness program. The strength of the organization is that, all members in the organization are from the same community and are qualified.

The Kinnar Bharti has recently conducted a Site Assessment and Risk profiling study of Hijras and TG in Delhi. The study was supported by DSACS and UNAIDS. The organization identified and trained the community members from Hijra and TG who collected the information on different Hot spots of HIJRA/TG Community in Delhi. The purpose of this study is to assess thehealth/HIV related needs, the specific risk profiles of Hijras/TG. This assessment also covered the existing HIV interventions and key gaps to facilitate programmatic inroads into the community to design the interventions and services.

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